The morris Manual Squeeze Crush  

Our Manual Squeeze Crush has the same substantial design as our Hydraulic Squeeze Crush but has a single hydraulic service to the squeeze sides. This is operated via a 12 volt power pump and some simple buttons. The Yoke remains as manual operation.

The squeeze sides gently but effectively put a light hold on the the animal encouraging it to be calm and still. And of course the narrowed crush makes it excellent to use with smaller stock.



  • Overall Length - 2800 mm
  • Weight - 950 kgs (approx)
  • Inside Width - 400mm (min) - 760mm(max)
  • 3-Piece Front Gate
  • 3 wide opening side doors on each side
  • TB access facility
  • Quick Adjusting Yoke
  • Rear Yoke Lever
  • 12volt Electric Pump
  • Integral Forklift Pockets in base
  • Ratchet Rump Bar
  • Chequer Plate Floor with Grip Bars
  • Sliding Rear Gate
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish


  • Super Scoop
  • Weigh Beams w/ digital display (1500kg x1kg increments)
  • Choice of Left or Right hand operation
  • Semi-auto Lock System

Can be built into a Mobile Handling System


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