The morris Yoke - since 1964  

The morris Yoke has been in production since 1964 and has been widely duplicated across the industry. We offer the morris Yoke in a variety of stand alone formats incuding:


Standard Yoke - this is a strong, robust Yoke suitable for the majority of cattle handling situations.

TB Access Yoke - this Yoke has the added benefit of a built in access gap to the neck of the beast suitable for TB Testing.

Heavy Duty Yoke - with the same functionality as either our Standard or TB Access yoke, the Heavy Duty Yoke has been upgraded to allow for extremely heavy use (i.e. abattoirs, markets, large herds, etc.)

Highland Yoke - this Yoke is extra wide to accommodate horned animals. 


All of our Yokes can be placed into a race or handling pen and can be made to either be bolted on or concreted in.


Race Yokes can also be fitted with a rear yoke lever.  This allows you to work the yoke from behind the beast making it easier to encourage the beast forward.



The following specifications are for a standard yoke.  Please remember that all items can be tailored to your requirements.


Standard Specifications:


¨ Frame Height - 1700 mm

¨ Frame Width - from 700 mm

¨ Maximum Yoke Width (at 700 mm) - 400 mm

¨ Minimum Yoke Width (at 700 mm) - 125 mm

¨ Quick Adjustment

¨ Heavy Duty Steel Construction

¨ Hot Dip Galvanised Finish


Option to Fit:


¨ 1-Piece Front Gate

¨ 3-Piece Front Gate

¨ Semi Auto Lock System

¨ Rear Yoke Lever Kit


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