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 We keep cattle on our own farm so we know about the demands of handling stock.  Each herd is different, but

we are happy to discuss your requirements and use our experience to advise you of which system will best suit your needs.


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The morris Yoke - since 1964


The morris Yoke has been in production since 1964 and has been widely duplicated across the industry. Whilst keeping true to the original morris yoke, we have updated and upgraded the yoke to suit modern handling requirements.


Formats available incude:  Standard Yoke  /  TB Access Yoke  /  Heavy Duty Yoke  /  Highland Yoke


All of our Yokes can be placed into a race or handling pen and can be made to either be bolted on or concreted in.


The morris Beef Crush 


Don't be deceived by our most basic crush ~ it's the one we use with our own cattle. A simple yet sturdy crush more than capable of handling cattle. It has an internal width of 2'3" and has a single wide opening door on each side.

The morris Dairy Crush


With it's centre pivoted side doors, the daiy crush provides excellent access to the beast for foot trimming whilst maintaining it's overall general handling abilities.

The morris Clipping Crush


Giving excellent, wide open access to the majority of the beast this crush now also has improved access to the neck for TB testing. At 2'6" wide, the Clipping Crush has two wide opening doors on each side. It also has 2 height adjustable clipping bars to prevent the beast from stepping out sideways when the doors are open.

The morris Variable Width Clipping Crush

All of the features of the Standard Clipping Crush (including excellent access to the neck) but with the added benefit of narrowing sides. A simple pull cord mechanism allows the sides to be set at several different widths which allows for simple handling of a variety of sizes cattle.

If you're working with young calves, a Morris Calf Yoke can be placed between the open yoke bars of the crush allowing a narrow calf race.

All doors open freely when in narrow position

The morris Manual Squeeze Crush

Our Manual Squeeze Crush has the same substantial design as our powered squeeze crush (see below.)

The manual version has a single hydraulic service to the squeeze sides which is operated by a simple hand pump lever or powered buttons. The Yoke remains as the traditional manual operation.

The squeeze sides gently but effectively put a light hold on the the animal encouraging it to be calm and still. And of course the narrowed crush makes it excellent to use with smaller stock.

The morris Hydraulic Squeeze Crush


The substantial morris Hydraulic Squeeze Crush comes as standard with 4 hydraulic services to the Yoke, Super Scoop, Squeeze Sides and Rear Stop/Start Gates. They are operated by a simple lever control unit. 


The squeeze sides gently but effectively put a light hold on the the animal encouraging it to be calm and still.

The hydraulics can be powered from a tractor or a hydraulic power unit. The power unit is a compact, quiet unit that runs on mains power supply (standard 240v/13 amp).

This crush can be made to your specifications with options including remote control, hydraulic rear sliding gate, hydraulic race gates, etc. etc.

The morris Mini Mobile Cattle Crush


The morris Mini Mobile is perfect for those with separate groups of cattle or those who travel between farms but want the speed and convenience of towing with a standard vehicle and not a tractor. Our Mini Mobile Crush can legally be towed by any vehicle with a towing capacity of 1500kgs+.   

The morris Mobile Cattle Handling System


From a Basic Beef Crush design to a remote control fully Hydraulic Squeeze Crush, the morris Mobile Cattle Handling System is a superb piece of equipment. Each is manufactured to the requirements of your individual livestock handling needs. As standard, the morris Cattle Handling System comes with you choice of morris crush type to the front, a vet box, and a 6 gate collection pen to the rear.   


The morris Calf Crate / Calf Yoke


The morris Calf Crate has as automatic yoke and wheels, making this a convenient and easy to use calf handling system.


Our Calf Yoke is also available as an individial item which can be placed in a race or inserted into the front of any of our cattle crushes.





We are always happy to discuss the options available across our range of products.

If you think we may be able to help you with your livestock handling need, please ring 01588 638298 / 07721 510030


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