Weigh Systems


Weigh Beams


We manufacture our own weigh beams to ensure that we provide the most robust system we can.  Our heavy duty weigh beams offer a capacity of up to 3000kgs.


All cables are sealed in protective hydraulic hose and joins are secure and sealed.  Together with our choice of readout unit (see below) our weigh beams offer an excellent service.  



Weighing Floors


The nature of the Mobile Handling System requires the use of an Integral Weighing Floor. The design of the floor allows it to sit unobtrusively in the crush and can be easily washed out and cleaned.  All cables are concealed.


This integral system does not impede the use of doors, gates, narrowing sides, squeeze function, etc.


TruTest Weigh Heads


As standard we supply Tru-Test indicators with your new morris crush. These are calibrated to suit our weigh beams and floors prior to despatch, so you simply plug and play.


There are a variety on offer, each offering a rugged solution to livestock management. With bluetooth capibility many options can talk directly to IED readers too.


If, however, you already have a preferred brand of weigh indicator talk to us about calibrating that for you instead.


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