Gates (Cattle)


We offer a range of gates and doors to ensure that your crush or handling system does what you need it to do.

  • Front Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Stop-Start Gates

We can offer hydraulic control for our sliding and stop start gates.


Front Gates (for Yokes and Crushes)


1-piece front gate


A simple but sturdy wrap around style gate.


This gate swings opens in a wide arc so is not suitable for use against a wall or in limited space.   If you wish to use a Head Scoop with this gate, the scoop must be fitted to the opening side.

3-piece front gate


This gate is made up of 3 individual gates. Each gate opens separately, making it more versatile and more convenient where space is restricted.


Head Scoop can be fitted to either side when using the 3 piece gate.


This gate can also be constructed as a heavy duty gate with anti jump bar as shown on our Squeeze Crushes.

Sliding Gates (for Crushes, Vet Boxes, Race Systems, etc.)


The morris Sliding Gate can be provided as either an integral part of your morris Crush or as a separate unit which can be fitted into a race, vet box, or to the back of a crush.


Our Sliding Gate uses heavy duty steel rollers which allow for a smooth and simple action. And of course, you choose which way you want your gate to slide.


Please note: On our Mobile Handling Systems, our sliding gate can be operated from both sides.

Stop Start Gates (for Crushes, Vet Boxes, Race Systems, etc.)


The morris Stop Start gate allows the operator to open and close the gates to moderate the flow of cattle through the system.


This gate system can be fitted to a crush, race, vet box, mobile system etc.


Stop Start gates are available with hydraulic operation.

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