The morris Clipping Crush


Giving excellent, wide open access to the majority of the beast this crush now also has improved access to the neck for TB testing.


At 2'6" wide, the Clipping Crush has two wide opening doors on each side. It also has 2 height adjustable clipping bars to prevent the beast from stepping out sideways when the doors are open.



  • Inside Width - 2’6” or 760 mm
  • Overall Length - 8’6” or 2600 mm
  • 3-Piece Front Gate
  • Rear Gate
  • Four Opening Side Doors
  • Vet Door
  • 2 Height Adjustable Clipping Bar
  • Ratchet Rump Bar
  • Quick Adjusting Yoke
  • TB Access gap
  • Rear Yoke Lever
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Chequer Plate Floor with Grip Bars
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish
  • Fork Lift Pockets


Option to Fit:

  • Weigh Platform with Digital Display
  • Calf Yoke (as a removable item)
  • Foot Trimming Kit
  • 1-Piece Front Gate
  • Head Scoop
  • Semi-auto Lock System
  • Extra Wide Crushes Available to Order


¨ Can be built into a Mobile Handling System


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