Head Scoop


The head scoop is now widely used for handling cattle. It increases safety and simplifies many common jobs such as dealing with ear tags, drenching and dosing.


The morris Head Scoop uses a moulded lining to safely hold the animal's head  to prevent extra movement whilst yoked. This keeps the animal in a more controlled position for better handling.


The morris Head Scoop can be mounted to either the left or right side of our cattle crush or yoke.


We can also supply brackets to retrofit the morris Head Scoop to existing crushes.


Our Head Scoop can also be fitted as a service in our Hydraulic Squeeze Crush and our Mobile Handling System. 



Using the morris Head Scoop with a 1-piece Front Gate:  

  • Crushes and Yokes with 1 piece front gates can fit a bracket and head scoop directly.
  • With a 1 piece front gate, the Head Scoop needs to be mounted on the same side as the Yoke Lever
  • The 1-piece gate needs to be open to allow the head scoop to work. 


Using the morris Head Scoop with a 3-piece Front Gate:

  • When using a 3-piece front gate, a gap is left in the side gate to allow the scoop to fully lower out of the way of the beast.
  • To retrofit to a morris Crush or Yoke with an existing 3 piece front gate, the side gate simply needs to be changed for the new design to allow for scoop use.
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