The morris Manual Squeeze Crush  

Our Manual Squeeze Crush has the same substantial design as our Hydraulic Squeeze Crush but has a single hydraulic service to the squeeze sides. This is operated via a 12 volt power pump and some simple buttons. The Yoke remains as manual operation.

The squeeze sides gently but effectively put a light hold on the the animal encouraging it to be calm and still. And of course the narrowed crush makes it excellent to use with smaller stock.


Our Manual Squeeze Crush comes as standard with a Sliding Rear Gate.




  • Overall Length - 2800 mm
  • Weight - 950 kgs (approx)
  • Inside Width - 400mm (min) - 760mm(max)
  • 3-Piece Front Gate
  • 3 wide opening side doors on each side
  • TB access facility
  • Quick Adjusting Yoke
  • Rear Yoke Lever
  • 12volt Electric Pump
  • Integral Forklift Pockets in base
  • Ratchet Rump Bar
  • Chequer Plate Floor with Grip Bars
  • Sliding Rear Gate
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish


  • Head Scoop
  • Weigh Beams w/ digital display (1500kg x1kg increments)
  • Choice of Left or Right hand operation
  • Semi-auto Lock System
  • Manual Rear Stop/Start Gates

Can be built into a Mobile Handling System


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