morris Sheep Handling Equipment by Jones of Lydham


morris Lamb Weigher - with automatic yoke and sliding gate  

The morris Lamb Weigher has an automatic yoke for ease of catching the sheep or lamb and then holds them still for tagging and weighing. 

Our lamb weigher also provides a clear span across the animal’s back - even when weighing.



  • Automatic Yoke
  • Rear Sliding Gate (with no protruding bar when closed)
  • Clear top span for feeling backs
  • Wheels
  • Corner posts for hurdles
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Chequer Plate Floor
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish


morris Lamb Weigher - with sliding gate front and rear

By popular demand, the morris Lamb Weigher is also available with sliding gate front and rear (no yoke). Our sliding gates have no protruding bar when closed - so no bar to walk around.  The sliding gates can also be turned around to allow it to open towards you or away from you.


morris Lamb Yoke

The morris Lamb Yoke is also available as an individual item which can be placed in a race/handling system.



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